This Weekend: Green Fair, Dickens and London, Open Rehearsal

If you care to explore the green heart of London, the Greenfair in Regent’s Park is the place to be this weekend. There will be chatting, singing, pedaling – most fun while producing energy for a live concert or a fresh smoothie -, eating organic amazing food… Kids will play with clay (ha!), while parents will watch with big satisfied grins on their faces.
You’ll also have serious debates, savory veggie burger stands, screenings, live music, exhibitions, the chance to shop ethically, find out more about new eco campaigns and sign petitions. For more details, check out their site. Everything happens in a park, so the potential for picnic-ing is pretty obvious.
Forecast: BBC Weather says 19 C + sun.
We say: It doesn’t really matter, weather is not an issue when there’s so much fun to be had.

This weekend is also the last chance to see Dickens and London at the Museum of London. Dickens was a brilliant writer, and a passionate London explorer. Need I say more? The museum is famous for its interactive exhibitions and even though you’ll have to pay for a ticket, it will be quite rewarding.

On Saturday, at the National Theatre, you can attend an open rehearsal. It starts at 12,30, you do need to book a seat, but there’s no fee. The show is ‘Moon on a Rainbow Shawl‘, and tomorrow is also the final performance.


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