Brains, Amis & Dawkins

Walk through Bloomsbury and Fitzrovia, take a break at Wellcome Collection and see Brains. Not easy to digest, and definitely not a good idea to connect it with some offal dinner you were looking forward to. But it’s a must for the incurably curious. You’ll get very close (literally) to your soft mysterious friend under the skull, all in the same combination Wellcome is famous for: art, science and nature. It’s a popular exhibition, it’s free, so it might be busy now and then, but worth queuing for.

Since you’re already in the area, why not try spend this evening with Martin Amis at the Bloomsbury Theatre? His new novel divided the critics. Always interesting hearing the author’s side too.

Regardless of religious affiliation, listening to Richard Dawkins, the evolutionary biologist, on the 14th of June, should crown a perfect stroll through the National Portrait Gallery. Good addition to Brains too.


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  1. irina

    you are killin me… 🙂

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