Look, London’s on TV!

It’s a real treat to watch TV these days. Pretty unusual, I know. But before going into some analysis that will most likely lead nowhere, how about just checking out these high quality documentaries about London.

It started with this 3 part series about The London Markets, focusing on the city’s oldest wholesale market, which  is on the verge of big changes. Full of character  (and characters), do get familiar with Smithfield, Billingsgate, and Spitalfields.

The Secret History of Our Streets is a series on how London has changed since Charles Booth’s social conditions survey in 1886. While charting stories of change, they already ‘unearthed’ Deptford High Street and Camberwell Grove. More to come.

London: A Tale of Two Cities with Dan Cruickshank explores the city in the 17th century, one of the most dramatic times in London’s history. Nothing like a passionate historian showing you around the city, what can I say…

I could go on with a long list of superlatives, but I’m sure you want to see for yourself. Highly enjoyable, informative and fun, all these documentaries are a treat for any professional, amateur, or amateur professional London explorer.

Tip: It goes without saying that walking the streets and markets in real life too it’s a must. With all this info on board, it will double the experience.


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