The isle is full of noises…

Frankenstein in cinemas. Prometheus in Greenwich. Come again?

It’s true. Frankenstein is the show directed by Danny Boyle last year at the National Theater. Because it was a smash-hit they came up with these encore screenings in… cinemas. Rejoice the comfort of the seats in picture houses while surprised at the uselessness of cup holders in a… theater.
Domino thought:
I also think I know why they wanted Boyle to direct the Olympics opening ceremony.

Prometheus awakes around the National Maritime Museum tonight. For free. It’s part of a festival that takes place in the Docklands area.

If you don’t fancy anybody awaking in front of museums or on screens, you may want to check the Elements. You know, gold, silver and bronze. It’s free too. Friday night alchemy.

Of course, I forgot to mention the other 1376 great unmissable events. But I’m sure you’ll manage.


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