Cupcakes and phone boxes

Walk through London these days, and you’ll notice that there is a steady rise in the number of bakeries, and a sudden one in the number of phone boxes. I bet you thought I’d say tourists and  TfL “get ahead of the games” warning posters. 

Anyway. Phone boxes. Do you remember the Big Egg Hunt, just before Easter?

Egg on the Southbank

That’s pretty much the same. Only this time, the iconic red phone box has been skilfully redesigned.  The 82 BT ArtBoxes will be around one more week, then auctioned to raise money for Childline.

In Covent Garden: One of the many

Cupcakes. That’s something sweet to say about a big ‘bad’ city, but being such a complex topic, I’d rather leave it for later, after I’ve properly researched it 😉

Domino thought: I wonder if these fancy boxes led to a decrease in the number of tourists taking pictures with the classic red ones. Or on the contrary.


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