There’s this place in Blackheath…

Eliot Place is a street on the southern side of the heath, far (enough) from the busy Shooter’s Hill road in SE London.

Eliot Place – row of Georgian houses fronting onto the Heath

There are lonely benches waiting for tired feet, and a handsome collection of Georgian houses. If you’re not a big fan of the Canary Wharf collection of modern skyscrapers across the river, you’ll enjoy the view from here: you only get to see the top of those buildings.

Tip: Take a book and read it there before sunset. No, nothing will happen 😀 You’ll just lift up your eyes and feel pretty grateful. Mainly for the book, the bench, the quiet, and the sunset.

PS: Sir James Clark, the Polar explorer, lived here for more than 60 years. And he’s not the only ‘plaque’ in the area. But you’ll see for yourself.


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