Free Films on the Flytower

There’s something about this city and the need to watch films in unconventional places. Like tunnels, roofs, secret locations, in bars, in churches, by the river, on the river, in derelict factories, on fridges, etc. It’s a miracle conventional cinemas still thrive.

Allen on the Flytower

Back on the river now. What makes the films on the Flytower special? They’re free. And you can’t beat that location: central, wide terrace on the National Theatre, meters away from the river but high enough to get more of that sunset.

The other night we went to see This is Spinal Tap. The red canvas beach chairs were comfy, the sky full of stars, the atmosphere boisterous, boxes of popcorn dropped into our lap at some point. They were holding some BBQ next to BFI , and the clarinetist under Waterloo Bridge didn’t stop playing, but I’m sure they were all keeping an eye on the mockumentary on the wall.

Tonight is Woody Allen. The forecast: perfect! I predict full terrace, but that place is huge, and you can see the screen from many other places. Even the other side of the river 😉

Check out the program here. Enjoy!


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