The First Steps

On a sunny Sunday afternoon Tower Bridge is swarming with tourists, but  as you walk East, on the North bank, people become scarce. At some point it gets so quiet you can hear the waves hitting the shore and the birds bathing in the river (no analogy intended). You’ve just landed in the hood of creaky pubs and haunted warehouses. And, of course, its new, old and very old steps to the river.


The very wet steps of Wapping

Walk the High Street up to Wapping station but don’t miss the narrow lanes, the open gates, the gardens, the basins, the churches, and the venerable public houses. Take your time, Wapping is soaked in history. Don’t be turned off by the new ‘developments’, there are still exciting stories with pirates and fearless captains.

The Town of Ramsgate, Wapping

The way to the Old Stairs

The glorious pubs should be filled with families digging into their Sunday Roast by now, and German tourists might be heading to The Project. You don’t know it yet, but you’re hooked. Cause you can’t wait to take more steps as soon as the Sunday sun allows it.


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