Square food. Today, Meet the Falafels

This is probably the best falafel in Duke of York Square Food Market. Wait, I think this is the only falafel in Duke of York’s market. Come to think of it, this falafel comes from Bristol. I don’t know if it’s the best falafel in Bristol.sloanesquaremarket_2
Never been to Bristol.
But I know that every weekend Jacob drives his van to Chelsea, London.
That’s a pretty long way to take for any falafel, especially fresh one that comes in different flavors. I tried the apple, olive, sun-dried tomato and, you know, regular. The salad box comes handsomely filled with hummus, cucumber, carrot, beetroot and salad. Here, you have a picture.
The sweet and sour chilly sauce was the bonus. I was told it’s the end result of love and a secret recipe.
Some call them Jacob’s finest falafels.
I call them delicious.


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