Cinnamon coffee. Wapping style

Lonely table @ Wapping

Lonely table outside Cinnamon. When it’s sunny though… Well, that’s another story.

A coffee shop named Cinnamon, on the eponymous street, 3 minutes from Wapping overground station. It might as well be a song, especially since it welcomes you with quotes on happiness on the walls – fetching sing along. This tiny place hasn’t even turned two years old, but it fits good old Wapping perfectly. With its two rooms, Cinnamon Coffee Shop oozes ‘familiar’ through all its pores, with locals sipping their hot cuppa while browsing through fresh newspapers. Mothers with toddlers, students with thick books, and accidental tourists mingle in cinnamon and vanilla bliss. Yes, there’s a lot of vanilla in the air for a place called Cinnamon.

The decor is an eclectic mixture of gentlemen’s club imposing armchairs, red and white sunny benches, blue bean bag, wooden floors, visible pipes, homemade cupboards, a pancake day, an announcement board, and brick walls. Plus a rather exotic loo with a heart on.

My huge cup of Earl Grey’s with soya milk was only 1,50 pounds. No extra charge for sitting in, which was so refreshing, I didn’t even have to add sugar. Actually, no charge for extras whatsoever, whether it is soya, cream, flavor or… strong. They do like to be different. Their independence adds to the charm too.

There’s a soft playlist with dance outbursts (welcoming though) decently played, so you can hear each other. Cat Stevens, Morrissey, cakes, cookies, freshly baked pastry, home made biscotti, hot drinks, cold drinks, soup and other savory lunch treats. And so, that rainy November afternoon doesn’t sound that bad after all.

What? The quote about happiness? “Happiness is an inside job”. I like it, although that inside job requires pretty serious skills too.
Would you like a refill with that? Or maybe a loyalty card?


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