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Shakespeare, Proms, and rock and roll. This weekend in French too.

Here’s a very quick look at some of the things going on this weekend:  The very popular Proms have just started, with two months of concerts to choose from. Don’t forget about the World Shakespeare Festival! It started in April, but lasts till September. Same with the Summer Exhibition. Must end August 12.

On the Serpentine, in Hyde Park. Pity you can’t hear the music. It rocks. Trust me.

The Hyde Park rocks this weekend! Literally. Bruce Springsteen rocks tonight.
Down the road, Yoko Ono has a major exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery.
And at Somerset House, the Rolling Stones celebrate 50 years on stage. In the same ‘house’ (well, more like ‘court yard’) you’ll find the Summer Series. Hopefully you’ll see a concert you like. Oh, in Kings Cross I hear there’s a festival like no other.

Since London is France’s sixth biggest city, you can imagine that today, being the 14th, there will be plenty of… fête around. You can start here.

Enjoy! And don’t miss the other 6875 events.


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Weekend in bloom

Quick update: For tennis, try Wimbledon. For architecture, try the Playful City. For Julie Walters, try The Last of the Haussmans at the National (hopefully, you didn’t miss this conversation). For roses, try the parks.

June roses in Regent’s Park

They are all in bloom.

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Tea with the Kenwoods. Sort of…

There’s a garden party at Kenwood House today. The house is empty at the moment, as it’s waiting for a facelift. So, this open day is a great chance to take a free walk through one handsome house before it shuts its gates again for more than a year.
Make it between 11 am – 4 pm.

Before you ask: Yes, this is the place where they filmed that “Henry James” scene in Notting Hill.

Tip: After all that tea and cake, stroll across the heath. It’s going to be sunny with wandering clouds and bold winds. Yep, just like in Jane Austen.

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This Weekend: Green Fair, Dickens and London, Open Rehearsal

If you care to explore the green heart of London, the Greenfair in Regent’s Park is the place to be this weekend. There will be chatting, singing, pedaling – most fun while producing energy for a live concert or a fresh smoothie -, eating organic amazing food… Kids will play with clay (ha!), while parents will watch with big satisfied grins on their faces.
You’ll also have serious debates, savory veggie burger stands, screenings, live music, exhibitions, the chance to shop ethically, find out more about new eco campaigns and sign petitions. For more details, check out their site. Everything happens in a park, so the potential for picnic-ing is pretty obvious.
Forecast: BBC Weather says 19 C + sun.
We say: It doesn’t really matter, weather is not an issue when there’s so much fun to be had.

This weekend is also the last chance to see Dickens and London at the Museum of London. Dickens was a brilliant writer, and a passionate London explorer. Need I say more? The museum is famous for its interactive exhibitions and even though you’ll have to pay for a ticket, it will be quite rewarding.

On Saturday, at the National Theatre, you can attend an open rehearsal. It starts at 12,30, you do need to book a seat, but there’s no fee. The show is ‘Moon on a Rainbow Shawl‘, and tomorrow is also the final performance.

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