The Book of Fun and The Disbeliever

Of stars and Mormons @ Prince

Of stars and Mormons @ Prince of Wales Theatre

A few days ago. My second Book of Mormon. Next to me, woman, late 40s. Next to her, very discreet husband. She strikes up a conversation. At some point: “I don’t like South Park and I didn’t like Avenue Q. I didn’t know it was them when I bought the tickets”.
I like her. Her honesty is endearing.
The show starts. Two minutes later she laughs and claps. Ten minutes later she dances in her seat, laughs and claps.
During the interval she updates me: “I’m enjoying it.”
But is she? I’m not sure.
Second part starts. She claps, laughs, cries (with laughter). The occasional dancing.
Baptism scene. She seems reluctant, but laughs and claps through the heavy cursing bit.
I’m still not sure.
During the standing ovations she turns towards me once again. She’s all smiles: “IIIII looooved it!”. I throw a told you so smile.
I’m pretty sure now.
I should have reminded her to keep an eye on the guys. A new South Park season starts this autumn.
You never know.


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